About us

Dalia Perlasca is a fashion label with an Avant-garde style, a touch of elegance, that thinks in the comfort, diversity and the design´s composition without forgetting the uniqueness of its proposal. Created by the Mexican designer, made in Mexico with Mexican hands and quality materials, preferably using natural fibers.

DALIA PERLASCA presents few pieces in every collection, and one of a kind designs, revaluing the artisan - handmade work of this beautiful  profession where each piece is made with great attention to details from the pattern, handling the fabric to the finishing process, obviously making a difference between fast fashion labels, where they make millions of one piece and using exploited workmanship.

DALIA PERLASCA is  a label created for fashion lovers, that are looking for something unique, comfortable and with a design proposal. An individual that values and supports the work of fashion designers. A unique, passionate, self-assured and free individual.

A lot of the pieces can be made by order, for any type of bodies in all sizes required.

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